Course Request for Department of Health & Human Performance

The Course Request List for Fall 2018 is now closed.  The list will re-open upon registration for Spring 2019 in October.

Course Request List

This form is to be used to request a space in a CLOSED course (all sections are full). It applies only to classes taught by the Department of Health and Human Performance. This list is NOT AUTOMATIC. Submitting a request does not place you automatically into the next opening in the requested class. It is still incumbent upon you to monitor enrollment levels on your own.

Please type carefully. Typing errors may delay processing of your wait list request. All communication with students about waiting list requests will be directed to the Gmail student account.

If we find something unusual or confusing about your request, we will contact you via e-mail. Otherwise, you can assume that you have been added to the list. Getting on a waiting list is not a guarantee that you’ll get into a section.

In considering wait list requests, first preference goes to majors who have only one or two semesters remaining at CofC. Second preference is based on the earned hours of the student making the request. Putting yourself on the waiting list does not guarantee you will be added to the desired course section.

If you have questions, please e-mail

HEHP Course Request List Policy