HEHP Course Request List Registration Policy

This departmental policy explains the operation of the Department of Health and Human Performance (HEHP) Course Request List. This policy applies only to course registration for classes taught by the Department of Health and Human Performance.

The Office Manager of the department is responsible for administering the course request list, subject to review and determination by the Department Chair.  If the Office Manager is unavailable, the Department Chair can answer questions about the course request list. Do not email faculty with waiting list requests or questions.

  • The course request form is ONLY for closed academic courses taught within the Department of Health and Human Performance (courses beginning with the acronyms ATEP, EXSC, HEAL, PEHD. Activity courses, beginning with PEAC, are not eligible for the waiting list). All other submissions will be deleted without notification. (The only exception to the closed course restriction is for EXSC majors seeking entrance into an ATEP course that counts as an EXSC directed elective and for which they have all other prerequisite classes.)

    • Courses are "closed" when students have registered for every available slot in those courses.

  • Course requests are for use only when all sections of a course are full; not when other sections of that course still have seats available.

  • Course requests are only for when you are able to register- requests will not be honored before your registration time and will not be retained if you submit early.

  • Course requests are not for trying to swap one section of a course for another section of that same course.

  • Course requests are only for students registered for 16 or less semester hours unless there is an active permission to take an overload of credits already in place.

  • Course requests are only for students seeking enrollment in a class for which they have completed all the necessary prerequisite course(s) or hold the specified class standing.

  • Students only are contacted if their course requests cannot be honored. Successful requests resulting in a schedule change appear on the student registration (viewable on your MyCharleston account).

  • Faculty members never have the authority to waive a course prerequisite.  Faculty errors in the application of this policy do not obligate the Department Chair to make exceptions to departmental policy.

  • It is the responsibility of students to keep monitoring class openings and to register themselves if a slot in the desired course opens up.

The majors in the Department of Health and Human Performance are extremely popular and fill quickly. Some HEHP courses are difficult to enter prior to the senior year. Many HEHP courses are not available in every semester. Please work with your advisor to plan your course schedule.

The Department of Health and Human Performance makes no guarantee regarding the availability of any course during a specific semester or year.

The Department of Health and Human Performance has no obligation to modify its course or degree requirements to meet the graduation goals of a specific student. Such modification of course or degree requirements is highly unlikely.

Enrollment in each course section is limited by the nature and design of the course and also by the number of physical seats available in the assigned classroom.

This policy document is subject to change without notice.  The Department Chair is responsible for the interpretation and application of this policy document.  Changes in this policy document may be applied retroactively at the discretion of the Department Chair.