Wes Dudgeon

Associate Professor/Department Chair

Address: Silcox 307
Phone: 843.953.5558
E-mail: dudgeonw@cofc.edu
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Ph.D., Univeristy of South Carolina, Columbia, SC

  • Exercise Science

Courses Taught

HEAL 333: Sport and Exercise Science

EXSC 340: Exercise Physiology

EXSC 439: Advanced Topics in Exercise Physiology

EXSC 444: Scientific Writing and Data Analysis

EXSC 498: Capstone In Exercise Science


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Recent Published Abstracts:

The Role of Low Level Laser Light Therapy on Muscle Fatigue. Keeter, C.A.*, Dudgeon, W.D. Jones, L.R. Colonial Athletic Association Undergraduate Research Conference. (March 31, 2017)

Increased Time to Fatigue Following 28 Days of Mushroom Blend Supplementation. D. D. Thomas, W.D. Dudgeon, W. J. Dauch, T.P. Scheett. American College of Sports Medicine 2017 (Accepted for Presentation June 2, 2017)

Decreased Blood Lactate Concentration with 28 Days of Mushroom Blend Supplementation. W.D. Dudgeon, D. D. Thomas, W. J. Dauch, T.P. Scheett. Experimental Biology 2017. (Accepted for Oral Presentation on April 24 2017)

Seven Days of Mushroom Blend Supplementation Improves Measures of Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness. W.D. Dudgeon, D. D. Thomas, W. J. Dauch, M.M. McLeod, T.P. Scheett. American College of Sports Medicine 2017 (Accepted for Presentation June 2, 2017)

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*indicates author was a student at time of publication