Message from the Chair

pfile-headshot.jpgWelcome to the College of Charleston’s Department of Health and Human Performance (HEHP). We are a student-centered academic unit focused on understanding and improving health by examining it through various lenses and educational foci. We offer majors in exercise sciencephysical education teacher education, and public health, along with a minor in coaching, and numerous physical education activity courses aimed at facilitating lifetime physical activity. 

We are committed to preparing our students for placement in competitive graduate schools across the nation, successful, long-term employment, and a lifetime of healthy habits to optimize quality of life.  We foster student development through experiential learning where students participate in hands-on learning, immerse themselves in relevant internships, engage with faculty in mentored research projects, and expand their perspectives by studying abroad.

Regardless of their post-graduation paths, our graduates find that their HEHP degree leads to lifelong health, both personally and professionally, and income-earning potential.  As such, HEHP is home to more than 800 majors, making us one of the largest departments at the College of Charleston. Despite our size, we offer an academic environment where students have the opportunity to connect with one another, faculty, and the local community to enhance their learning and grow personally and professionally.

Please take some time to learn more about our department by browsing our website, following us on Instagram @cofc_hehp, or reaching out to one of our program directors if you have specific questions about a major. 



Dr. Kate Pfile

Chair, Department of Health and Human Performance