Exercise Science

The Profession

Students in Exercise Science should plan to continue their studies in a graduate or professional program in exercise physiology, biomechanics, motor behavior, sports psychology, physical therapy, physician's assistant or occupational therapy. Academic advisors will recommend courses that will fulfill degree requirements at the College and also the prerequisites for entrance into a graduate or professional program. Applications for an exercise science internship will be taken sometime during the junior year (see internship requirements in this handbook). Interns have an opportunity to work in several different rehabilitation centers in the area.

Career Options

  • Entry-level employment including fitness industry; wellness; and medical entry-level positions such as research coordinators and lab assistants
  • Graduate study in one of the sub-disciplines of Exercise Science: Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Motor Behavior, or Sports Psychology
  • Health Fitness Instructor Certification
  • Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification
  • Professional program in Occupational Therapy
  • Professional program in Physical Therapy
  • Professional program for Physician's Assistant

Exercise Science Advising

Following major declaration, the student should meet with his or her advisor to establish career goals and subsequently to ensure that these goals are met. During each of the advising sessions, the student will update the advisor regarding changes or progress in the following:

  1. career interests
  2. plan of study
  3. extracurricular development (e.g. volunteer activities, job shadowing, etc.)
  4. job/graduate school search
  5. resume-building

EXSC faculty

Experiential Learning

Exercise Science students have access to multiple labs including the Applied Neuromuscular Function Lab, Motor Skill Behavior Lab, Biospecimen Wet Lab and Human Performance Lab. Each lab is designed to provide students with practical skills, increase their understanding of course material, and serve as spaces for research alongside faculty.

Health and Human Performance Lab Health and Human Performance Lab Health and Human Performance Lab