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Mission Statement and Philosophy


We develop inspirational, global leaders in education, science and research, promoting critical thinking skills to stimulate intellectual curiosity.


We strive to impact the future of health and human performance today by fostering a challenging, student-focused environment.


We ensure our programs and graduates are of the highest quality through the use of planned assessments embedded throughout our programs.


Each program is accredited and recognized by associated national organizations.


Faculty members in the Department of Health and Human Performance subscribe to the Greek ideal of a sound mind in a sound body. Accordingly, we have designed a curriculum which attends to the whole person.

We believe that our activity courses, which provide skill instruction, strategic thinking, and game opportunities to the typical student, prepare participants for a lifetime of enjoyable recreational activities. We do not see health as coming out of a bottle, but as an outcome of behaviors which are known to be associated with healthy living. Our health curriculum, therefore, focuses on developing those knowledges and behaviors which are acknowledged as being requisite to good health.

Finally, we have seen physical education and health change tremendously as a profession over the past twenty-five years. We believe, therefore, above all else, that our majors must be adaptable. We have designed, and continue to design, a curriculum which is varied, balanced, and futuristic.

What should you expect? Expect to be challenged in the sciences. Expect to be required to learn complex knowledges and skills. Expect to be prepared for a profession which has yet to emerge. Expect to be challenged to define the physical education major of the 21st century.

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