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Department of Health and Human Performance

Within the Department of Health and Human Performance, we consider the study of health and performance as essential components of any education. The Department of Health and Human Performance offers majors in athletic training, exercise science, physical education teacher education, and public health, as well as a minor in coaching. The Department also offers a wide range of activity courses that enrich the overall student experience at the College of Charleston. more

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Public Health Internship Opportunity

3/10/2015 Safe Water Student Internship with Deep Springs International (DSI, Michael Ritter-CEO) in rural Haiti and Jolivert (End of May - July 2015)The Jolivert Safe Water for Families project started in 2002 with support from CDC.  Local staff produces and distributes a branded version of CDC’s Safe Water System used to chlorinate water in rural Haitian homes.  Since 2008, Deep Springs International (DSI), a non-profit organization, has managed the replication of the model.  The program has distributed safe water systems to over 65,000 households through a network of over 400 sales agents, some of whom also provide ongoing household visits, health promotion, and chlorine testing.  Apply online

Message from the Chair

Karen Hakim-Butt
Interim Department Chair & EHHP Associate Dean

Welcome to the Department of Health and Human Performance (HEHP) website. I hope you find the information you require. If not, please contact one of our staff members (Nancy Phelps, or Rachel Etchason, or a faculty member in your area.

Please take a few moments to watch our department video and note the tag line Get Involved. This phrase was originally intended to highlight the many opportunities for students to get involved in research, internships, and service in our department.

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